Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Okay 3 days in from first hearing about media servers I felt it was going pretty well. It was in, on and up. Still some remaining issues when it comes to xvid files though (and of course the unsupported divx format)

I discovered something else that is a common thought - that the media server software supplied with the dlink was not [ahem] the best. These comments may or may not have been aimed at older versions because I didn't have that much against it.
Something called Twonkyvision (WTF? I thought) was mentioned quite a lot if reference to the DSM-320, so I decided to check it out.

Turns out that the DLink DSM-320 will pretty much use any media server that publishes the correct UPnP interface and that Twonkyvision is one of the many(?) options, including Windows Media Connect (WMC) from Microsoft.

I tried WMC and found it to be pretty lame really - no need to give up on the dlink server to use that!

Then I took a look at Twonkyvision. It sounded good - it even promised DivX. And at $20AUD was not too expensive, especially with a money back if you're not happy guarantee. Paid up installed and setup within minutes.

I'm not sure why I went for it so quickly as Xvid and DivX files worked but with stutter. I think it must have been becuase it was new, supported and improving. Probably the online forum ( that I found was very regularly read and written to by Twonkvision reps was the decider - they seemed to be listening to peoples issues and look into them.
There was also another incentive, which I will discuss later.

So - Twonkyvision became my media server of choice

A full list of the media servers i tried :-
  • Dlink Media Server
  • Twonkyvision
  • Windows Media Connect
  • TVersity (this looks promising when it grows up)

For more information on Twonkyvision visit


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Twonkyvision have their own forum now:

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