Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Networking with the DSM-320

Ignoring xvid issues for the moment I focus on the positives and mess around with the network configuration.

The dlink does not support WPA only WEP, so I disable WPA on my router and decide to leave it open for the moment and add the dlinks mac address to my mac filter - so I'm still pretty secure.

First step: go back to wireless with the laptop. MP3 - no problem. Video - no problem.
Next step: set the dlink to use wireless. MP3 - no problem. Video - problem.

Everything connects to the network properly, the server and dlink client can communicate correctly. But when checking video playback it has the jitters. I'm not sure if I was using too much wireless bandwidth on the internet at the same time - it didn't seem that I was - but it wasn't happy.
Needless to say I didn't bother trying to set up WEP - cus that was always going to kill performance and if it's this bad anyway - whats the point?

I did a bit of research (yes google again) and found that it was a generally accepted fact that the antenaa on the dlink is crap and that almost no-one has really got it working with video properly.
Okay follow the simple solution - the network goes into the TV cabinet [it has to go somewhere after all] and the dlink stays on ethernet.

There are people out there upgrading antennas and stuff so there are options on that front - but I'm happy with the TV cabinet network setup.

Unrelated note : If you are going to have a wireless network - use MAC filtering [at least]. You really don't want other people using your network for free [or at all]. Using up your bandwidth or download allocation could be the least of your worries - just think what the wrong person could do - using YOUR IP-Address!! Use WEP, use WPA, or use a MAC filter. As my dlink is going to be wired - I'm going back to a WPA/MAC filter combo.


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