Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Enter the DMR

DMR - Digital Media Receivers

This is the point where Jim chips in on messenger with some throwaway remark about wireless media streamers. And I'm all like 'What? How? Nice!'

I'm straight on the case googling away like a demon. What do you know - they do exist, you can get them and they're available in Australia.

DMRs are [usually] sleek silver boxes that live in your TV cabinet with your DVD player and digital box and communicate [via Ethernet or wireless] with UPnP media servers running on computers. You have video/audio files on your computer - you tell the media server software where it is and it tells the DMR. The DMR allows you to on screen select which files to play and then gets them from the media server.

I find a product on the Dick Smiths website ( that sounds like the right kind of thing - a DLink DSM-320 Media Centre. But at approaching $500AUD it was far too expensive considering all it's doing is tidying up the setup a bit and allowing a bit of cool remote control use.

After a bit more hard googling looking for better prices I find a place that does them for 320 which is much more like it. But they don't have them in stock. And I need instant gratification - right now please, not later.

A plan quickly forms in my mind.

Off I trot to Dick Smith Superstore the next day with a pricematching plan that will never succeed. Ever. No way will they do a price match and reduce their price by over 1/3.

They Do.
I buy.
Oh Yeah!


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