Wednesday, June 01, 2005

DLink DSM-320

Initial thoughts were - 'It looks good. I wonder if it works?'

Apparently out of the box only Mpeg1/2/4 and Xvid are supported in terms of video formats which is a bit disappointing as most (80%) of my files are DivX. But files can be transcoded and support can be added for more formats so no real worries there.

I thought I'd break a lifelong tradition and follow the instructions step by step with this baby.
The instructions pretty much boiled down to connect the box to power/network and tv and install the dlink media server software, or get the latest from the website. Then set up your media shares.

I decided to just try mp3s at this point - nice low bitrate [compared to video] and to keep things as simple as possible to begin with I went fully wired at this point, both laptop and receiver. So everything is now wired though my NetComm NB5580W ADSL Router/Switch.

I should mention at this point that both the latest media server software was installed and the box flashed it's own firmware to the most up to date [which was nice].
Server version 1.03, firmware version 1.05 to be exact.

Both the receiver and laptop set up to use DHCP.
Restart the reciever for good luck.
And what do you know - it connects to the network, finds the dlink media server, connects to it and offers me my mp3s to be played - which it does without a hiccup.


Now for the real deal - and the reason for its existence [to me anyway] - streaming video.

I tried an mpeg2 file - an episode on John Doe. Played without problems. Occasional stutter, but that may be poor encoding more than anything else. This is a good start.
Feeling more adventurous I see how it likes the taste of an Xvid file. It looks good, no problems. Then dies after 5 mins, huge pause, stutters, pause. Hmmmm. not quite what i was hoping for.

For more information on the dsm-320 visit


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