Friday, June 03, 2005

Buffalo LinkTheatre & TerraStation

Now, Jim and I have been getting quite excited by the Buffalo Terrastation since we discovered it a couple of weeks ago.

I won't go into what it is or does much - other than to say it instantly gives you 1 terrabyte of network storage (that's ~1000 gigabytes to the low-tech, or ~1,000,000 megabytes to the truly old-school). Nice eh? If you do want more details visit the website

Now let's consider what I've managed to do with my NSLU box - it's become a media server. Can the TerraStation be a media server too? Yes it can! And a whole lot simpler it is too (if the claims are to be believed), see the diagram below.

Apparently the LinkTheatre and the Terrastation are designed to be used together.
Imagine that - network attached storage and media receivers that are meant to communicate. Awesome.

I. Must. Have. One.

Obviously at about AU$2000 (best guesstimate), it is a pretty expensive option.
Then again a DSM-320, NSLU2 and a pair of 250GB disks comes to about AU$1000.

From what I've read about the LinkTheatre its sounds really good - HD support, proper DivX support, USB connections and a DVD player. Sweeeeet!

There is just one problem, well okay, two - neither are avaiable in Australia yet. [sits and waits]

Another point to mention would be that teh linkTheatre is not fully UPnP compliant and so could not be integrated with a solution such as the NSLU2 mediaserver. You can use it with PCs though as there is software that allows the LinkTheatre to understand UPnP media servers.

If you want more information in the Buffalo Terrastation visit

If you want more information in the Buffalo LinkTheatre visit


Blogger mridude said...

How in the world could anyone possibly give any kind of recommendation for the Buffalo Linktheatre product?

It is buggy, slow, and locks up quite often. Thier technical support is basically non-existent.

This product appears to have been out together by a couple college kids. Great idea, but needs a lot of work to become a real addition to a home theatre.

12:50 PM  

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