Wednesday, June 08, 2005

$479 30GB iPod or $599 iAudio X5

There are some smaller, really good looking and well received mp3 players out there, but I want to put my whole collecion on so I don't have to worry about choosing - which rules them out.

The 20GB iAudio X5 does the lot and is very new but is more expensive at $599 than the 30GB iPod Photo which at $479 is much cheaper and I know how good it will be. In fact you can get the 60GB iPod for the same price.

But will 4G iPods die the same deaths as all of the iPods that have gone before?

Do I really have to pay on average $250 a year (assuming they last only 2 years) to have an iPod?
Doesn't seem quite right does it?

The issue is clouded even more by bigger and better x5s coming on to the market soon.


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