Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Okay it wasn't that long ago and it wasn't that far away (London), but I think it was before Star Wars : Episode 1.

So the story begins when I got my ADSL installed by BT, which was nice and expensive - thanks BT. Anyhoo, it was on, hooked up, ready to amaze me with it's 512kbps and I was looking at it thinkin :-
'Sweet. Now what do I do with it?'
Ha-ha, download stuff of course. What else is ADSL for, no-one needs to browse the web that fast [well, I do, but 'whatever']

It wasn't long before I downloaded a TV show or film. It must have been from AtomFilms (see
http://www.atomfilms.com/ it's really quite good, HDTV shorts and all) cus anything else would be naughty bad stealing. Updated mediaplayer, probably updated some video and audio codecs and got it playing. Awesome! fairly good quality video on a computer. Fantastic.

Which was fine.

Apart from you have to watch it on a computer. And after a bit that can be pretty annoying - especially if you have a very small Sony Viao and 2 of you want to watch :)

This led me to the thought - 'surely there must be a way to watch stuff off my lappy on the telly?'

.....and so it started.


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