Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Episode II : Attacks of the VideoConverters

Don't worry I won't be making uber-geeky references to Star Wars all the time. Maybe.

Where was I? Yeah. lLppy, telly - get em talking that's right.

If I'd had a desktop with a serious video card that had a composite or s-video output none of this may have happened. HA! of course it would, just that the first bit of the quest would have been as follows : 'I went and bought an s-video cable and connected them. It worked. The End'
In fact that's still part of the story [everyone needs and s-video cable] but there's some more boring stuff before it. And probably after.

So I did not have any of those outputs.
All I had was a lousy VGA output, and that was not even on board - it was on an expansion port.

So I did a little searching and thinking and decided that I needed a VGA to Composite converter.
I found various models aims at various levels from broadcast quality down.

http://www.digit-life.com/articles/guillemotconverterdeluxe2/ is an example of what i was after.

I got one from somewhere and it needed a wierd power adapter that was not supplied - so I sent it back.

So I found one at http://www.dabs.co.uk and got it. Unfortunately this one needed power from a PS/2 mouse port - which I didn't have, just USBs. Bugger. I did the obvious thing at this point and went and found a PS/2 to USB converter. This didn't give enough power (or any - never was sure) to run the damn thing.

So I sent it back.
But before I did - I hooked it up to another laptop that had a PS2 port, just for power mind you, connected the vga up to my viao and the composite to the telly. It worked a treat and I watched one of the worst films ever with it [what a waste]. And it looked so funny laptop piled up and external expansion ports and vga converters in a stack of wires and boxes - very neat.

This was not to be the way forwards.

As with all good stories - some time passes, about 3 years I reckon before the next episode.
I knew I'd refer to SW again in some form - dammit.

[entry not finished - be back after]


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