Wednesday, June 01, 2005

3 years later

It's 3 years later now and the laptop is a bit old and lazy - it still does the job as it was top of the range back in the day, but it's time for an upgrade. So I get a monster DELL laptop 3.2Ghz processor 512Mb RAM 60GB hard disk dvd burner etc etc, it's still a pretty high spec machine 18 months later too, so money well spent I reckon.

Anyway - this laptop has an s-video output - sweet! I gets the cable and hooks it up. Nothing.
A bit of research later, I learn how to use my s-video out and it's all go. Good stuff. Nice and easy to hook up, decent picture. Some strange distortions around the edges of the picture - but, whatever - it works.

What I didn't like after a bit though was having to have the lappy sitting next to the telly and wires everywhere. And if you haven't heard one - a DELL 5150 is a loud beasty so the additional noise is unwelcome too.

Never happy am I?

But what's to be done about it? - I have the setup I wanted and it's fairly neat. Just not neat/slick/clever enough. Couldn't see any other options though so I stuck with it.


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