Monday, March 06, 2006

Saved by a Kiss

Well the Dlink has had it now - I've found a worthy replacement.

I decided to take a punt on a european product that I saw on eBay - a KiSS DP-1500.
I didn't know much about the product apart from it wasn't based on upnp video streaming - which was either going to be a very good or very bad thing.

Well it arrived within a week from Italy and within 10mins it was up and running.

Ah the sweet relief of something that works!!!!!

All credit to Roberto from Mega_Tech for such great service.

Honestly is works - fantastic.

Its a dvd player too. And it can play dvdr's with divx files on. Bonus!

The "PC-Link" software packaged with it is a bit flakey (in terms of file grouping) but other than that it's all good.

I'll either use FreeKiss or EZLinkNG with it in the future, whichever gives the cleanest on screen interface - probably FreeKiss, as it's free too.

Go find one and buy it - then dump your other kit on ebay.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Transcoding boredom part 2

Almost finished!
So basically it takes about 4 weeks to transcode 200GB of video if you are going it when you can.

Lots of repeats required and strange Nero decisions - but nearly there.

Obviously it has to carry on for new files, but that;s not too bad.

It's now a pleasure to use the DLink DSM-320. It could still be better - but at least using Mpeg4 it works.

Friday, June 10, 2005

All credit to Telstra (in a way)

My ADSL was dead for a week. ><
There one day - gone the next. ><
Not my fault, not my ISPs fault.
But it still took a week to rasie it as a fault with Telstra.
Who fixed it in a couple of hours.

Hmmm can't help thinking that they accidentally killed my ADSL in the first place.
Perhaps during the recent DSLAM upgrade? You'd think I know what I was on about reading that wouldn't you? Well you'd be wrong. But it was recently upgraded and my ADSL recently died.

It works now - that's the important thing. :)

Transcoding boredom

Well - probably about 50% through transcoding to MP4 now. Great.

It wouldn't be such a chore if it wasn't for Nero Recode deciding that every fifth or sixth file needs to be ruined. It has an auto trim feature - which is great, apart from when it randomly decides to choose a random selection of the screen to trim down to, sometimes trimming 90% of teh picture away. Very strange. So you have to go through files by file and check it's crazy decisions.

Lappy was working very hard last night - I hope it didn't get angry! Transcoding 30 Xvid files to and from the Network Storage, burning a dvd and downloading at a furious rate. Probably a pile of smouldering slag on the dining table by now :)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Buffalo Terrastation & LinkTheater Bundle

Note the new spelling of LinkTheater - no wonder I wasn't getting many hits in google - I was spelling it properly! What was I thinking?

Anyway - found a UK company that sells this stuff (as it the closest I'm going to get to local availability)

GBP800 for both the 1TB Terrastation and LinkTheater. Certainly not cheap. Most definately.
But very desirable.

"She's not happy, is she?"......

.....said the iPod repair man.

Dammit. It's official - the iPod is on it's last legs - the disk is knackered.

Fortunately it can still talk to the first gigabyte of disk - so it has become a large, shortlived iPod shuffle - which I'm sure will last long enough for me to decide on the next mp3 player.

For those not in the know, you can put your iPod into diagnostic/setup mode by resetting - hold down menu and play for 5 secs and then holding down reverse+forward+select until it chirps.

I'm definately going to look at all the options before spending the big $600 though - so I'm off to

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

$479 30GB iPod or $599 iAudio X5

There are some smaller, really good looking and well received mp3 players out there, but I want to put my whole collecion on so I don't have to worry about choosing - which rules them out.

The 20GB iAudio X5 does the lot and is very new but is more expensive at $599 than the 30GB iPod Photo which at $479 is much cheaper and I know how good it will be. In fact you can get the 60GB iPod for the same price.

But will 4G iPods die the same deaths as all of the iPods that have gone before?

Do I really have to pay on average $250 a year (assuming they last only 2 years) to have an iPod?
Doesn't seem quite right does it?

The issue is clouded even more by bigger and better x5s coming on to the market soon.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Buy another iPod? Or something else?

It's been a long and painful demise for my beloved iPod. Is suppose if I was being more accurate, it's not quite dead yet - but it's dead enough for me to not want to use it any longer.

The first thing to go wrong was the line out socket in the cradle, which knackered after about 10 months, this was still under warrantee though and was replaced by the nice people at Apple Centre.

The first battery died pretty much the day after my warrantee expired and was not replaced by any nice people associated with Apple as I believe the going rate was $AUD200. Which to be honest is outright robbery. So I got a replacement for $69 and installed it myself - which was fun but not as bad as you may think. I think that one might have lasted 9 months before going the same way - now down to about 4 hours running time.

More sadly [in a way] my headphones started falling apart. If you've never tried them - I highly recommentthem - Sony MDR-EX70 (or the latest equivalent). I should point out that they are 3 years old - which is about as long as I'd expect any small headphones to last. So I've been very happy with them. Very expensive to replace in Australia though :(

Now the end is very bloody nigh as it looks like the hard disk in the iPod is fairly dead - serious disk scans just hang. There seems to be about 4% of the disk available - about 260 songs. I've formatted, restored, updated, re-installed and even sung song to it in the hope of getting it to work again. No joy though. Bugger!

What to do now? I dunno. Here are the options as I see them

Apple Products

$149 0.5GB iPod Shuffle
$229 1.0GB iPod Shuffle
$299 4.0GB iPod Mini
$359 6.0GB iPod Mini
$439 20GB iPod
$499 30GB iPod Photo
$649 60GB iPod Photo

Creative Products
$340 5.0GB Zen Micro
$380 20GB Zen Touch

iRiver Products
$380 5GB H10
$450 20GB H320
$529 40GB H340

I really can't be doing with buying anything smaller than 20GB as I have at least that much music. Which leaves me at the following

$499 30GB iPod Photo
$649 60GB iPod Photo
$380 20GB Creative Zen
$529 40GB iRiver H340

God Knows!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Passed my motorbike test

Passed my license test on Sunday which was fantastic!

Considering I hadn't even seen my bike for 8 weeks and not been on one for 10 weeks I thought that that was a pretty good result. Still, should have it back pretty soon.

So now the 12 month clock starts ticking, after that the restrictions are lifted and I can go and get a real bike, and one that I fit on a little better :)

Maybe a Yamaha R1 - Tasty!